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Fabric and Leather


One of the most important decisions in having your furniture re-upholstered or Custom Built is the question about what to cover it in. At Edgeworks Upholstery, we work closely with our fabric suppliers to stay in touch with market trends including the latest colours, patterns and compositions, so that you can make an informed choice based on the right information.

Companies such as Warwick Fabrics, Zepel Fabrics, Marco fabrics and The Wortley Group among others that we work with, are market leaders in their industry bringing a rich variety of beautiful fabrics and accessories in from Australia and around the globe to make any piece of furniture sing!


We use Leather suppliers such as Leather Italia, Tasman Leathers, Lefflers and Italia Cuoi, along with other reputable suppliers who know their product very well. We have built great relationships over time with all of our suppliers, ensuring that we are kept up to date with new products, and they understand our need for high quality products that we can recommend to our customers knowing that we have their full support.

Different Leathers on the market at present range from the good and hardy corrected grain leathers for family room use to the aged finish of pull up leathers which give the appearance of a well-loved and worn surface, adding warmth and aged glow to your chair or sofa.

We can also recommend cleaners and conditioners for all types of leather, as well as fabric spot cleaners and a fabric protection care system for all types of fabrics.